What is Silica fabric? What is the use of Silica fabric?

November 15, 2021
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What is Silica fabric? What is the use of Silica fabric?

Silica fabric is a kind of high-temperature refractory material, which is widely used in aviation and industrial fields! What is the fabric composition of Silica fabric? The main component of Silica fabric is silica, the content of which can be as high as 96%. In short, Silica fabric is a fabric with very high silicon content!

What is the use of Silica fabric?

   1. Silica fabric is widely used in the industrial field. It is generally used to make fireproof cloth, which has a very good flame retardant effect!

  2. Silica fabric can be used as a filter for metallic liquids, which can effectively filter molten slag in metallic liquids!

  3. Silica fabric can be used as heat insulation materials for aerospace, rockets, etc., which can well protect the stability of the instrument!

  4. Silica fabric can also be used as fireproof clothing, which can be used in high temperatures!

   What are the characteristics of Silica fabric? It has very good insulation performance, has a good heat insulation effect, and can be used as a high-temperature solution filter


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For example


Silica fabric is a special fiberglass fabric which contains more than 96% silicon dioxide. High silica fiberglass is excellent for very high-temperature resistance and fire resistance. With excellent heat resistance, it can withstand continuous temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius for long periods of time.

The application is for insulation covers, expansion joints, padding, lagging, welding/fire blanket, fire insulation doors and curtains, high-temperature insulation, and other heavy-duty fire control systems.

High silica fiberglass cloth is suitable for coating with different elastomers and polymers.


--Fire resistance, working temperature rating up to 1000 0C

--Excellent chemical resistance

--Soft and pliable

--Excellent anti-abrasion property

-- Asbestos-free, halogen-free


Total weight

600 g/m2 to 1300 g/m2


0.6 mm to 1.4mm



Fire resistance

high temperature resistantA

Working temperature

1000 C Max.


silica coated.

Standard widths

92cm or 100cm, 84cm, 92cm, 100cm

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Product Application


-- Insulation covers, padding, lagging

-- Welding/fire protection

-- Fire curtains & doors

--Expansion joints

--High-temperature insulation

--Other heavy-duty fire control systems