Do you know Fiberglass texturized fabrics?

November 16, 2021
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Fiberglass texturized fabrics are made of high-temperature and high-strength fiberglass yarn after being expanded and processed by a special process. Fiberglass texturized fabrics are a new type of fabric developed on the basis of continuous glass fiber open-width filter cloth. It is different from continuous glass fiber filter cloth in that the weft yarn is composed of all or part of the puffed yarn. Because the yarn is fluffy, it has a strong covering ability. , Good air permeability, so it can improve the filtration efficiency, reduce the filtration resistance, and the dust removal efficiency is high, up to 99.5% or more, and the filtration speed is 0.6-0.8 m/min. Fiberglass texturized fabrics are mainly used for high-temperature atmospheric dust removal and recovery of valuable industrial dust. For example cement, carbon black, steel, metallurgy, lime kiln, thermal power generation, and coal-burning industries.
Main performance
1. Used for low temperature -70℃, high temperature between 1000℃, and can withstand instantaneous high temperature.
2. Resistance to ozone, oxygen, light, and weather aging.
3. High strength, high modulus, low shrinkage, and no deformation.
4. Non-combustibility. Good thermal insulation performance
5. When the working temperature is exceeded, it still has a certain residual strength.
6. Corrosion resistance.
The main purpose
Fiberglass texturized fabrics are widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection, cement, and other industries with their excellent properties.
It is suitable for reinforced materials with high requirements for personal safety protection and mechanical performance, such as generator sets, soft connection of boilers and chimneys, heat insulation of engine compartments, and production of fire curtains.
It is used in the pipeline compensation function of exhaust, ventilation, ventilation, smoke, and waste gas treatment systems; various coating base cloths; boiler insulation; pipe wrapping, etc.

Texturized fiberglass fabrics are woven by textured E-glass yarns with 9μm and 6μm diameter. Bulk texturing increase the thickness of the fabric to improve the thermal insulation capacity.


This fabric support temperatures to 5500C (10000F). Applications for this fabric includes lagging, padding, removable jacket, thermal insulation covers, stress relief, heavy duty welding blanket and other fire control system.