What types of fire scenes can use fire blankets?

November 17, 2021
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What types of fire scenes can use fire blankets?
1. Prevent fire escape: hang in the kitchen, boiler room or chemical laboratory
2. High temperature insulation: If the equipment is often operated at high temperature, the fire blanket can be covered on the surface to prevent accidental touch by personnel
3. Disaster prevention at home: prepare for small fires and put out large fires.
4. Factory welding: cover the body to prevent sparks from splashing
5. Camping reserve: Campfire can be extinguished immediately if it loses control accidentally

How to use the fire blanket?
Initial use of fire extinguishing: directly cover the fire blanket on the fire or the fired object, which can quickly extinguish the fire source.
Earthquake escape use: You can put the fire blanket on your head and use its thick and flexible structure to reduce the impact of falling objects.
Use for fire escape: Wrap and drape the fire blanket on your body, and wear a smoke mask to quickly get out of the fire. The fire blanket can isolate the flame and reduce the high temperature of the fire.
Industrial safety use: industrial spot welding, welding, chemistry, physics, laboratory fire protection, home fire escape, hospital nutrition room, restaurant kitchen...etc. standby fire fighting.

Why use a fire blanket? Can't a fire extinguisher work?
The advantage of the fire blanket is that it is convenient, fast and has no shelf life. It can be extinguished by spreading directly on the fire source.
The fire extinguisher must pay attention to the pressure gauge and the residual amount of the agent, which is relatively troublesome. Fire extinguishers have corresponding types of fire, and the residual dry powder or medicament will cause trouble to clean up afterwards. Although the flames of the same scale can be extinguished more easily by using a fire extinguisher, the fire blanket is more convenient and fast. The suffocation fire extinguishing method does not need to consider the type of fire ( Such as Class A, B, C fire) can be used directly. In addition, for large and medium-sized fires that can no longer be extinguished by themselves, the fire blanket also has a good heat insulation effect, which can cover the body to escape and prevent high temperature burns.

What is the shelf life of the fire blanket/fire blanket? Storage method?
Taking Suntex's fire blanket as an example, the material of the fire blanket will theoretically not deteriorate and has no shelf life. However, the surface fiber may fall off, so keep it dry, and don't need to put it in a special canvas bag to prevent the fiber from being lost.