What is the function of the fire pit mat?

November 22, 2021
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What is the function of the fire pit mat?

Protect Deck Or Patio: No matter where your fireproof mat is located, you can be assured that Suntex fireproof mat will be the perfect deck or patio protector for you. Protects up to 550°C!

Protect Ground Surfaces: Your deck or patio, whether it’s wood, concrete, stone, or composite, will be protected from any heat damage when you use a fire-retardant floor protection mat.

Suntex Have the Size You Need: Simply select the size most appropriate for your project! Have a 24” firepit? Choose our 36” mat for full protection.

Camping BBQ fire Grill Floor Mat: The camping BBQ fire grill floor mat has the characteristics of fire retardant and high-temperature resistance, which can effectively protect the lawn or floor. If you encounter a fire during camping, you can also use a fire blanket to extinguish the fire. It is one of the essential items for camping.


--fireproof, oil, and waterproof

--high-temperature resistance

--high strength

--durable, long-lasting

--excellent chemical stability

--excellent thermal resistance capability

Suntex is a fire resistant cloth and high temperature fabric manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Our research and development have been carried out around customer needs, only to better serve our customers. Just like the fire pit mat we developed, many customers praised it.

Fire pit mats are used for deck, grass, patio, outdoor, grill, and backyard, etc, which designed to protect them from fire, high temperature, and large heat. It can be made of many materials, such as silicon, aluminum, fiberglass fabric, insulation layer, silica. Like this kind of mat, Suntex have a two-layer structure and a three-layer structure. Of course, it can also be customized. Our fireproof mat is made of high-quality glass fiber, silicone, and aluminum foil, so the heat insulation and fire protection effect is particularly good, and can withstand a temperature of 550C. If you need higher temperatures, Suntex factory can use ultra-high temperature resistant materials to achieve Your needs. Available in 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, 36 inches diameter, or customized. You can email us your requirements, and then we recommend the suitable size for your fire pit.

Good features: fire resistant, non-combustible; heat resistant, reflects the heat back upwards away from deck, grass, patio; lightweight and portable; UV durability, durable; oil resistance, waterproof;


1. Place the Suntex fire pit mat underneath your fire pit or grill before usage.

2. The bright silver side is up.

3. Ensure the fire pit or grill is at least 8 inches above the ember mat or use pavers to elevate your fire pit.

4. Use your fire pit or grill as normal.

5. Let the ashes cool before folding up the ember mat and storing it.