What is the difference between glass fiber aluminum cloth tape and aluminum tape?

November 18, 2021
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Aluminum fiberglass cloth tape adopts unique advanced composite technology, selects special adhesives to the compound to form a dense film, and composites with aluminum. It has a smooth surface, high light reflectivity, high tensile strength in vertical and horizontal directions, airtight, watertight, and good sealing performance.

Glass fiber aluminum cloth is suitable for moisture-proof, anti-mildew, and anti-corrosion packaging materials for export equipment. At the same time, the aluminum cloth is also used for the protective wrapping of petroleum transportation pipelines, steam pipelines, and other chemical equipment, playing the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, and heat insulation.

Aluminum tape, using high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, has good adhesion, strong adhesion, and anti-aging effects. The heat preservation performance is greatly improved. Aluminum tape is used to repair the seals and breakages punctured on the surface of the object. It is the main raw and auxiliary material for refrigerators and freezers production plants.

What is the difference between glass fiber aluminum cloth tape and aluminum tape?

1. The price and quality of aluminum cloth produced by glass fiber aluminum cloth manufacturers are very different;

2. The glass fiber aluminum cloth tape is made of glass fiber aluminum cloth cut and rolled according to the width. The base layer of the glass fiber aluminum cloth is a glass fiber fireproof cloth with a fire-resistance grade of A. It has high viscosity after heating in a high-temperature environment. High-temperature glue, the aluminum is laminated to the surface layer of the glass fiber fireproof cloth. Within a certain range, as the temperature increases, the adhesion performance of the glass fiber aluminum cloth tape is better, which is incomparable to the aluminum tape.

3. The glass fiber aluminum cloth tape has high tear resistance and can resist a certain tearing force. The aluminum tape is easy to break.

4. The glass fiber aluminum cloth tape has a wide range of applications and can be used as a sealing equipment material in a high-temperature environment.

5. The difference between glass fiber aluminum cloth tape and aluminum tape is still very big.

Produce name: aluminum foil coated fiberglass fabric
Our aluminum foil laminated fiberglass cloth is made of fiberglass fabrics laminated in an aluminum foil or film. It can resist extreme heat and has a soft surface, high performance, good reflective effect, sealing insulation, fireproof,gas-proof and waterproof. The thickness of aluminum foils is from 0.2mm to 2.5 mm.

Usage: heat retardant curtain/thermal insulation cover/welding protection/fire protection/safety cloth and apron/aluminum foil backed insulation /non-metallic compensator/anti-corrosion

Temperature Resistance:150C

Color: silver/grey/or customized

1. Bears extremely high temperature up to 1000 C
2. Excellent heat radiation reflectivity up to 90%
3. Heat radiation reflectivity
4. Reusable design, easy to install and examine.
Common Applications:
1. Marine coveres, steam turbine covers
2. Smoke curtains, blinds, cavity wall fire barriers
3. Thermal insulation pads, cover, blanket, jacket, mattress
4. Welding blankets and equipment protection
5. Fire and heat barriers