What is the material of the fireproof mat?

June 3, 2021
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    Fireproof mats are very common in real life, and their main function is to play a fire-proof, heat-insulating and anti-scalding effect. There are many types of fireproof mats, and the materials of different types of fireproof mats are also different. For example, sound insulation and fireproof materials used for indoor sound insulation, KTV, piano room decoration, the main materials used are generally rubber, PVC, coated glass fiber cloth, thermal insulation cotton, etc.; used for flange sealing of exhaust ducts, fire doors and windows, the main material used for fireproof mat materials such as seals is generally ceramic fiber; the main material used for fireproof mat materials for fireplaces, stoves, braziers, barbecue grills, kitchens, camping, etc., is generally coated fiberglass fabric; used in the electric power industry, electric boilers, steam turbines and nuclear power, shipbuilding industry, fire protection fields, fire doors, wall linings of high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in the chemical industry, fire insulation of automobile and train manufacturing, kiln linings, furnace doors, The top cover is sealed, and the main materials used are generally aluminum silicate needle-punched felt, aluminum silicate fiber felt, and ceramic fiber felt; used for heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention of high-temperature industrial pipelines, tanks and other arc-shaped equipment. the main materials used are generally aerogel, ceramic fiber, etc. Fireproof mats used for electric welding fire protection, the main materials used are generally silicone coated fiberglass fabric, acrylic coated glass fiber cloth, high silica cloth, glass fiber cloth, PU coated fiberglass cloth, etc.


    Barbecuing, outdoor camping and other activities are very common in daily life, but when performing these activities, you may face the lawn being scalded, the floor being burned, etc., so in order to avoid these situations, people use fireproof mats. Under the stove or brazier. Barbecue fireproof mats, also called brazier mats, fire pit mats, stove mats, stove floor mats, are generally made of silicone coated fiberglass cloth, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, and fireproof sewing thread. With a special coating formula, a variety of colors of the fireproof cloth can be realized, and then using an automatic cutting machine, the fireproof cloth can be made into a fireproof mat of various shapes. The conventional shape of the barbecue fireproof mat is generally round, rectangular, square, and the conventional colors are gray, silver gray, golden yellow, orange, and red. Other colors and sizes can also be customized by the factory. Barbecue fireproof mat has a three-layer structure or two-layer structure. The three-layer structure of the fireproof mat has two layers of silicone coated glass fiber cloth, and the middle layer is insulation cotton. The two-layer structure is one side of silicone fabric and the other side of aluminum foil cloth. The aluminum foil surface can reflect heat radiation and reduce the heat transfer to the surface. It uses glass fiber cloth as the base cloth, which has the function of heat insulation and fire prevention. Silicone coated glass fiber composite cloth has the characteristics of fire resistance, heat resistance (maximum temperature resistance of 550 degrees Celsius), flame retardancy, water resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, various colors, and strong glue fastness. Insulation cotton generally uses ceramic fiber cotton or glass fiber cotton, which is characterized by fire resistance, heat insulation and high temperature resistance. Generally speaking, the fireproof mat with three-layer structure is better than the fireproof mat with two-layer structure, so it can be selected according to the actual temperature and fire resistance requirements. Barbecue fireproof mat can be used for the fireproof and heat insulation of barbecue stoves, fireplaces, stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, induction cookers, hot water boilers, disinfection cabinets, frying pans and other household appliances, as well as fireproof and heat insulation barbecue accessories for outdoor barbecues, camping, etc. , Can prevent the sparks and ash during barbecue or picnic from damaging the grass, prevent fires, protect the safety of public areas and personal and property safety; it can also be used to extinguish small area fires and act as emergency fire blankets to effectively protect personal and property safety.