What is the removable pump body insulation cover?

February 9, 2022
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What is the removable pump body insulation cover?

The removable pump body insulation cover is also called the pump body insulation coat and the pump body insulation cover. The pump insulation cover is mainly used to transport heavy oil, asphalt, resin, glue, detergent, etc. It is necessary to keep the material at a certain temperature during transportation.

The removable pump insulation cover can effectively solve the problem of heat preservation and heat insulation of conveying high-temperature medium and the heat preservation and antifreeze of the pump body in winter. It can effectively prevent the heat of the medium in the valve pipeline from being directly transferred to the surroundings and cause the temperature of the workshop to be too high, saving cooling costs.

The performance of the pump body insulation cover can be customized according to the requirements, fire prevention, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, which can reduce the heat loss of the pump body and improve the working environment of the workshop. It is composed of three layers of inner thermal insulation wrapping layer, middle thermal insulation layer, and outer thermal insulation protection layer, which are tailored according to the working environment and external dimensions of various types of pump bodies.

The pump body insulation cover is woven with high-temperature resistant glass fiber, and the surface silica gel is added with special materials such as appropriate flame retardants so that it has good flame retardancy. Even if a fire breaks out, it can still protect the internal valve pipeline from being intact for a long time, but it can spread the fire, which provides sufficient time for the rescue of important information such as data.