What is the flexible fire cover? What are its advantages?

October 26, 2021
Latest company news about What is the flexible fire cover? What are its advantages?

What is the flexible fire cover? What are its advantages?

Flexible Fire Cover is designed to protect key equipment in oil refineries, oil rigs, oil fields, gas fields, chemical plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, various electrical appliances, shipyards, military applications, and other places. According to the comprehensive consideration of the possibility of fire caused by the materials on-site, the expected temperature of the fire, and the time required for fire fighting, the design is adapted to different temperatures and fire resistance times, so as to achieve the most economical and suitable fire prevention effect. It is especially suitable for pipeline equipment that needs to be disassembled, repaired, and cleaned frequently. Its comprehensive economic benefits are good.

What are the advantages of a flexible fire cover?

  1. Excellent heat preservation and energy-saving effect. A lot of practice has proved that the energy-saving effect can reach about 25%-40% under normal circumstances;

   2. It is convenient to disassemble and assemble, no special requirements are required, easy to install and disassemble, convenient, and the equipment can be partially disassembled during maintenance, without delaying production time;

  3, working temperature, work, it is important to prevent inconvenience to the staff;

  4. Various insulation layers can be customized according to equipment of different shapes, suitable for beverage, food, petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power, and other industries, and the material is special

Good performance, long service life, not easy to age, greatly increasing the utilization rate and cost

  5, good toughness, easy to bend and connect;

   6. No asbestos, no dust pollution during disassembly and installation, harmless to the human body, and meets the environmental protection requirements of modern enterprises;

  7, the appearance of the product is clean and tidy, the surface does not stick to water, does not stick to oil, does not penetrate moisture, and is convenient for cleaning and scrubbing;

   8. Low cost. Compared with valve pipe insulation, it saves a lot of costs.



    Suntex heat guard insulation cover is an economical solution for reducing heat loss and energy costs. It conserves energy, preserves process temperatures, and improve workplace safety for various applications with in process industry where heat conservation and process temperature are concerns. It is applicable for the insulation of flanges and pipes.

it is also known as removable insulation jackets made from ceramic fiber insulation and fiberglass cloth. It is asbestos free , environmentally safe, durable, reusable, and easily applicable.



It is customized and wrapped outside flanges, pipes, pumps, filters, exchange, pipeline, valves, freeze protection, and others.


characteristics of Suntex thermal insulation covers:


--Excellent control or reduction of radiant heat loss
--Improves equipment efficiency and durability
--Reduces energy consumption
--Removable and reusable
--Reduce maintenance cost
--Closed insulation system
--Personal protection
--Reduce sound transmission
--Asbestos free and environmentally safe