What material can be made into the protective cover of the welding robot?

November 10, 2021
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What material can be made into the protective cover of the welding robot?Welding robot manipulator protective cover, resistant to oil and high temperature!

With the development and progress of the robot era, more and more industrial robots are used in production, which can realize efficient and safe industrial production. However, robots in the field of welding operations have long been damaged by welding spatter, high-temperature baking, erosion, and other working conditions. The welding robot manipulator protective cover is professionally used to protect the welding robot. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, flame retardant heat insulation, oil and wears resistance, high degree of high toughness, etc., which can protect every inch of the robot as a whole. The protective cover is made of a fabric with a high degree of fiber-covered aluminum foil, combined with a highly tear-resistant fire line. The structure adopts a detachable design, which is easy to process and shape. The customized protective cover can meet the various protection needs of customers.

The structure of the welding robot manipulator is very complicated, and fine dust is indeed permeable. The long-term accumulation of dust not only increases the difficulty of cleaning but also reduces the flexibility of the robot's shaft joints and increases maintenance costs. The protective cover can isolate the robot from the outside and prevent dust from entering the inside of the robot. When cleaning, only the protective cover needs to be removed for cleaning, which saves a lot of time and manpower. The robot can be packaged as a whole, which greatly protects the robot and motor lines from high temperature, and escorts the daily production of welding robots!

Silver Heat Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth For Flexible Hose Fabricating Purpose

Product Description


Produce name: aluminum foil coated fiberglass fabric
Our aluminum foil laminated fiberglass cloth is made of fiberglass fabrics laminated in an aluminum foil or film. It can resist extreme heat and has a soft surface, high performance, good reflective effect, sealing insulation, fireproof,gas-proof and waterproof. The thickness of aluminum foils is from 0.2mm to 2.5 mm.

Usage: heat retardant curtain/thermal insulation cover/welding protection/fire protection/safety cloth and apron/aluminum foil backed insulation /non-metallic compensator/anti-corrosion

Temperature Resistance:150C

Color: silver/grey/or customized